Alayah Shakes Her Spanky Ass Around Meaty Black Poles!

We spotted Alayah at this strip club being shown around as the ebony skank of the show, and when we saw how she was shakin’ and jiggling’ that butt, we definitely could see why! So instead of pushing in some bucks down her panties while she passed, we gave her a naughty job offer she couldn’t refuse. Now the sexy bint is happily getting analled in our studio, and she never looked back!

alayah getting wild and rompin'

This ho seems to have gotten a lot of backstage practice on her screwin’, because she doesn’t leave a porker hangin’ when she’s around. She lets ‘em get their way with her sweet fuck-holes, and especially up the creamy choco butt crack since she likes getting splooged there the most. See more of how this poledancer can make the stubbornest cum rockets blow!

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Mahlia Goes Fuckin’ Around with Her Creamed Ebony Ass!

mahlia shook her booty good enough

Mahlia’s a little meatier than the other ebony bitches her age, but she knew better than to get into the fad of starving herself skinny and started using that delicious black booty to her advantage! All her slutty exploits got to our ears though, and we soon had her boinking away in our site. Even as a newbie, this ho was more than a butt-slapping handful!

She’d get the stunt cocks all rabid to screw her silly like the horndogs that they are, and then one by one let ‘em have their way ’til both her fuck holes down there are like creamed soft chocolate donuts just waiting for ‘em to eat! Not only that, but she tries to spread ‘em even wider, especially for more anal ridin’ all through the night. This little black cunt just doesn’t know when to stop!

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Kandi’s Ebony Anal Buckin’ Scene Can Make Ya Spurt Nutloads!

kandi black hawt teen anal skank

Chubb black milf Kandi may have a pretty baby face, but she’s got a booty that can rock the bed in anal fucking scenes and more! This bitch wants her buttcrack to be flossed by beefsticks so bad, she’ll do nearly anything to get those perverts watering her insides with spunk. And she can do plenty!

Once those fucksticks are in her poop chute though, she can go wild with the grinding, the kind that the boys will have to hang on her wildly shakin’ butt to keep a hold of her and really enjoy the ride. The ebony bitch in heat sure never learned the lesson that made her such a milf so early in the first place – but what the hey, less shy gals, the more filthy ‘tutes for us!

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